Digital Transformation for Local and Regional Government

We know that today’s citizens want greater digital self-service convenience and that municipalities need to start taking a services-first approach to help meet the needs of constituents. For local and regional government (LRG) entities, the trend toward digital transformation can be leveraged to allow entities to streamline citizen engagement and self-service, improve city-wide asset maintenance and break down data silos.

PowerObjects can help. We are a leader in delivering Microsoft Business Applications through unparalleled offerings of service, support, education and add-ons. This powerful platform combined with our unique implementation approach sets the stage for LRG entities to meet citizen expectations using self-service portals, while streamlining operations and reporting for government-run programmes and services.

Common Challenges

Operational Redundancy

Disengaged Citizens

Struggle to Provide Optimised Services

Common LRG Challenges

  • Operational Redundancy

  • Disengaged Citizens

  • Struggle to Provide Optimised Services

PowerObjects Solutions for Local and Regional Government

Leveraging the Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365, we work with LRG organisations to overcome these challenges with…

  • Customer service on multiple platforms

    Improved customer experience and satisfaction levels due to enriched data supported across multiple channels.

  • Process scheduling and management

    Automation of business processes like scheduling and case management improves staff productivity levels.

  • Accurate reporting leads to quicker decisions

    A single source of data for more accurate reporting that leads to more well-informed, quicker decisions.

  • Integrated platform by Microsoft Cloud services

    An integrated platform that can be easily maintained and lower the cost of IT ownership via Microsoft Cloud services.

  • Personal approach and management

    A predictive and personalised approach to asset management.

  • Supported on all devices

    A more digitally responsive and mobile workforce.

We take a proven platform and bring it to the next level for our LRG clients. Here are a few examples of what we can make possible for your organisation…

Power Platform really helps LRG organisations meet business challenges head on. When handling case management, we’ve built an app using Power Apps to see this process through to completion in one powerful application.

Colchester Borough Council’s Digital Transformation Story

Dynamics on its own is powerful – it’s brilliant, but when you start adding in the rest of the Microsoft Stack, like Outlook, Power BI and Azure, that’s when you start to see the real power of the platform.

 – Web Development Manager at Colchester Borough Council

Colchester Borough Council is transforming their resident engagement and has enhanced the reporting visibility within their organisation by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and leveraging the expertise of PowerObjects’ team of certified Change Management professionals.

Solution Spotlight

Watch the Video

In this Solution Spotlight, hear how Colchester Borough Council worked with the PowerObjects team of Change Management specialists and trainers to deliver Development training at the beginning of their Dynamics 365 project and reinforcement training a year after their implementation.

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