Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) for Enterprise Organisations

One Unified Team for Your Support Needs

PowerObjects’ Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) offering gives Enterprise organisations a single point of contact for all Dynamics 365 support inquires. If your organisation has support needs exceeding 100 hours a year, has internal compliance restrictions in place for offshore resources or if you have a complex deployment and need to streamline your support engagement, the DSE option is probably right for you.

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Application Support Management (ASM)

A Dedicated Dynamics 365 Expert for Your Support Needs

In addition to serving as your organisation’s dedicated resource for any Dynamics 365 support needs, the DSE drives proactive and reactive engagements to help anticipate and address issues before they have an impact.

With monthly review meetings, the DSE and your organisation’s Support Lead or IT Manager will discuss items such as open and closed support tickets, a ‘state of the business’ review and any other open topics on either end of the partnership.

DSE Programme vs. Pay-as-you-Go Support

DSE Programme
Pay-as-you-Go Support
Time and Materials Engagement
Time and Materials Engagement
Authorised Users Create Cases with the DSE
Authorised Users Create Cases with the PowerObjects Support Team
Predefined SLA with DSE
Predefined Enterprise SLA
Engineer Prioritises Cases Based on Impact
Support Team Addresses Cases in Order Received
Pre-paid Blocks of 100 Hours at Your Billable Rate
£0 Initial Cost and Pay-as-you-Go

It’s refreshing to see our DSE Engineer’s speed and the quality of questions he asks to understand our issues. Your infrastructure team provides valuable recommendations and feedback as well. Thank you for the support!

– PowerObjects Raving Fan

Key Benefits of DSE Support on Your Dynamics 365 Journey

Point of Contact

A single point of contact to better manage and facilitate support requests

Technical Advisor

A technical advisor to assist your organisation in being both proactive and reactive

Dynamics 365 Expert

A Dynamics 365 expert who knows your organisation’s deployment inside and out

Rapid Resolution

Faster resolution times lead to additional efficiencies within your organisation

Manageable Billing

Simplified billing to help with organisational planning

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